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Best Laid Plans

Are you wondering what happened to my ironing board cover?  I am.  Actually, I’m not, this is just a good example of why I don’t sew as often as I would like to.  I start a sewing project that should be easily completed in one day.  I either get derailed by other things or I make a mistake and don’t have time to complete it that day.  Then it is a week before I get back to the project.

This is my dining room table today.  One week after starting a project that should’ve take an hour maybe two.  Yes we do eat dinner at this table, currently at the opposite end!

That is also a snow globe craft the girls did last Thursday in the midst of my mess.  Most of my friends think I am obsessively neat, organized and clean.  I’m blowing my cover and telling you that my entire house looks a bit like this these days.  I could not even begin to tell you when I last cleaned the entire house.  I just keep doing the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Trying to convince myself it is ok.  There are running piles of laundry sorted in the office waiting in queue for the washing machine.

I am a mess.

Back to the ironing board.

Yep, that would be a beach towel draped over it (also in the office).  This way we can continue to iron during my little sewing project.   I should also mention here we iron on an “as needed” basis.  Which means everyday for both of us.  I wish I was like my mom and gathered all the ironing each week and did it all at one time.  I tried that when I had our oldest daughter.  It lasted about 4 weeks.

I really want to finish my project.  Not sure about tonight though we are going to be working at the new house doing some prep work for ceiling scraping!  Maybe tomorrow, maybe in the wee hours of Friday morning.  Eventually I will have pear fabric on my ironing board and be able to smile happily when I look at it!


Life Strikes

So my DIY sewing project got derailed today by multiple things.  All of which can best be summed up as life.  Christie, while those weren’t the projects I planned on doing today, I am thinking a kitchen curtain would be a GREAT idea!  I had planned on making a new ironing board cover!  My one from 1999 needs to hit the road!  See below!

Check out those flowers!

First of all part of our current lease agreement is to have the HVAC serviced twice a year.  So I happened upon a Groupon for $29 for the mac daddy unit and then had to pay full price for the second unit.  Still I was out a lot of money before 10am.  All didn’t go as planned when the guy arrived.  He found some electrical problems, some of which was revealed by the lights going out in the house while he was outside working on the units.  I ran outside to find him staring wide-eyed at the unit.  Thankfully, he was ok.  Lots of problems were found but long story short, we sit in South Carolina tonight with no air conditioning on our 1st floor.  It will be tomorrow before the original company can get here to repair it.

So our morning errands were delayed by these events and I started the project before we left.  Then the girls and I went off to take care of some things for Gigi and Grumpy who are not in town.

After accomplishing those tasks we went to pick out some shirts I had promised and found new bookbags, water bottles and lunch boxes!  Check that item off my list! The girls chose these super cute ones!

All three found at the Gap Outlet and all on sale.  $25 for the three items together!  Bargain fom mama!  (Lots of good deals to be found there right now if you live near one).  Since they chose the same I’m gonna have to put name tags on them or monogram them!

So life – ribbon outfits for little ponies, dinner, dishes, bedtime.

Ribbon and Safety Pin dresses made everyone happy!

Then back to sewing only to break a needle, install a new needle then find out my shortcuts were too short!  So after I go to my day job tomorrow I will try again.  I will share my mistakes so hopefully you will not make the same!

P.S.  Just as I finished writing this our doorbell rang!  9pm and we have air-conditioning – WOOHOO