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Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello all!  What a couple of weeks we have had!  To say things got really overwhelming would be a huge understatement!  Nothing in the last week before our move went as I had hoped!  I thought I would pack that last week while Justin finished up the little things at the new place, but there were a lot of jobs that required two people.    That meant I didn’t really pack .   So moving and unpacking has been a bear.  We’ve been here 1 week and only about half of our things have found a place!  I’m still overwhelmed!

We had to decide in the week before we moved what we needed to complete and what needed to wait.   Finishing priming and painting the last two rooms (the largest rooms) went to the top, painting the shelves from the inside of the kitchen cabinets came second (mom had painted the inside of the cabinets over the weekend),  cleaning the entire house came third.  I will have a post this week on the kitchen cabinets.

I really just wanted to say hi this morning and let you all know we are back up and running on blogging.  Thank you to all who have emailed, called and asked how we are doing and have said you are missing the posts!  I have missed blogging.  Unfortunately, blogging requires sitting down and I seem to not be doing much of that and when I do I fall asleep – yes with the computer in my lap 🙂


Duct Tape, Caulk and Dry Wall Mud Will Fix Anything

I have long known the many uses of duct tape.  You see at an early age I was taught when in doubt try duct tape.  Then I learned caulk will hide a multitude of things, especially paintable caulk.  And now I have learned drywall mud is a miracle product as well.   Do you remember the walls I destroyed when removing grass cloth and two layers of wallpaper?    My hubby took mud and some sandpaper to them and TADA!

No more big gashes!

It’s a miracle of home remodeling proportions!  I truly thought I had destroyed the room and it is his office.

Then my dear sweet dad primed the room and the ceiling.

Lovely green paint from Valspar -Laura Ashley Apple 3 for the walls and white ceiling paint will be next.  Then at some point a window treatment in this fab fabric below.  Can you believe I bought this on a remnant bolt some time back and it is going to work great for the office?  So glad I have kept it!

The moral of this story? Next time instead of bringing the first time homeowner flowers or a bottle of wine just give them a gift basket with the three most important products for home owners: duct tape, caulk, and drywall mud.  Well throw in the wine too, it will make the basket look nice and the new homeowners will probably need a drink at some point!

A Day of DIY Disappointment

Yesterday was one those days that accomplishments got lost to a larger number of disappointments.  My rose-colored glasses got fogged up and simply could not be cleaned without the help of a blue cheese burger, steak fries and Shock Top beer from our local restaurant Montreux.  By-the-way Wednesday is $5 burger day at this delicious place. 

I am still the positive first junkie so the accomplishment of the day was, wait for it… Popcorn ceilings are gone!  Well everywhere, but the kitchen.  The kitchen is going to be covered, not removed.  While that in itself is huge and on most days we would have done a little dance and been very, very happy a few things happened that overshadowed that remarkable feat.

1-) The reason the kitchen is going to be covered not scraped is that it was basically unscrapeable. Justin spent an hour on a 3×3 space that even after some tedious slow work and unplanned dig marks it was still bumpy.  Good thing we didn’t start in that room!

2-) I thought I had chosen the correct shade of pink for the girls room only to turn around after I had cut-in and realized I had just flung a bottle of Pepto Bismal around the room.  Two more samples later and I still didn’t have a good color.  Some too light, some too dark, none just right. 

3-) I got off to a late start because we had a much-needed PTA board meeting that lasted longer than any of us thought it would, but it all had to be covered and it was nice to check some things off there.  Just hated not being at house to help Justin. 

4-) Then the huge topper of the day was my phone ringing while I was at Home Depot inspecting their shades of pink girliness.  Justin calling to ask me to grab a “snake” to snake out the toilet.  It was overflowing into the floor and the garage sink had water bubbling up through the drain and over the edge.  Needless to say there is a problem in a main line somewhere.   Of course it was the ugly yellow toilet with white seat.  It must know I have been talking about it!

5-) Oh and I almost forgot the “tan” paint that looks like a girl smeared make-up on the wall. 

So do you understand while by 7pm I needed this? 

So this morning we are at the house working on the next steps for the ceilings and waiting on the  plumber.  This afternoon or tomorrow morning we will venture back out to look at paint colors.  We need to feel a sense off accomplishment first!  I want to do a happy dance tonight!

The Last Four Days

First I must set the stage.

Our little angels left on Friday for some quality time with Gigi and Grumpy in Atlanta.  The crazy part?  It is for one week!

Justin took this week off to work at the house.

So we have been kicking butt and taking names since Saturday morning.

Here is the list of what we have checked off:

1.) Smooth ceilings in all 4 bedrooms and all 3 baths, hall and dining room

2.) Grass Cloth and 2 layers of wallpaper removed from 1 room

3.) Main interior color chosen

4.) Living room painted

5.) Remaining rooms prepped for popcorn removal (living, kitchen family foyer)

6.) All shelving removed from kitchen cabinets to prep for cleaning and painting.

7.)  Flooring 3 bedrooms – carpet chosen and installation scheduled

8.) Flooring central hall, living room, dining room – Hardwoods are going to have to wait until what we want fits into our initial fix-up budget.  Hoping within the next 6 -12 months, so we don’t want to waste money on something we will pull up.  Chose a temp remnant for central hall for around $100.  Need one for the living room /dining room still.  Stuart at Magnolia Flooring is wonderful and has been extremely helpful with this crazy lady!

9.)  Sanding of the walls I destroyed in removal of Grass Cloth /Wallpaper mix

Today the rockin’ hubby and awesome brother-in-law are mudding ceilings and walls to prep for painting.  If they get to it, they may put on the primer coat.  I’m looking forward to being off tomorrow to get some things done too!

I don’t have any house pics for the day, but I will leave you with my girls and I snuggling the night before they left.  Based on those faces, I think Georgia and Reese were wide awake!