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Paint Party for Two

Two little girls, two shades of green, two foam brushes and a large white wall, what do you get?  Two proud little girls, a fun hour and a marvelous mural!

I have been eyeing shades of green for the main color in the house and on the way home yesterday I stopped by and picked up some samples.  I thought it would be fun for the girls to help.  It was!  They loved feeling like they were a part of the process and having that much freedom.  Let’s be honest wouldn’t it be fun if someone stood you in front of a large wall and said paint whatever you want.  Here’s what it looks like when a 6-year-old an 3-year-old do it!

I loved the drawing.  Unfortunately, I did not like either color.  While it is hard to see here because of the poor lighting the Parakeet resembles what I used to find in the diapers of these precious girls.  Needless to say, do not want to think about that everytime I look at our walls.

Next, I decided to check out the shades of green at Lowes.  I tried 3 different colors.  Here is a picture of the 2 finalists with some of our fabric that may be in this room.  I’m not sure the drapes are staying.

The picture is from my phone and there is no overhead light in this room, so not the best representation.   Yes you did read correctly, Laura Ashley paint colors.  How many of you girls immediately think of the big floral dresses from the late 80’s, early 90’s whenever you see the brand Laura Ashley?  I certainly do!

My sweet mom-in-law and color expert extraordinaire helped via picture mail.  We both liked the same color and went with…Apple 3!  If you were wondering there around 5 shades off Apple in this paint line.  Apple 1 looks like a wash, it is basically white with a green tint.  Apple 5 was deep and intense, too much for a base color in our house.

A big shout out to Lowes on Main Street in Summerville   The ladies and guys in the paint department were super helpful and nice.  I absolutely loved the sample sizes as compared to Sherwin Williams.

Who needs that much of a paint color you end up not using?  Not to mention the $5 price difference.

Once I made my final decision I started taping because I cannot yet paint without taping!  I’m a bit of a clutz.  Curious what the final result was?

Here’s a pic from when we put our offer in.

And here is it today.  TADA

Still more to do in this room, but it is starting to feel like ours now!


Life Strikes

So my DIY sewing project got derailed today by multiple things.  All of which can best be summed up as life.  Christie, while those weren’t the projects I planned on doing today, I am thinking a kitchen curtain would be a GREAT idea!  I had planned on making a new ironing board cover!  My one from 1999 needs to hit the road!  See below!

Check out those flowers!

First of all part of our current lease agreement is to have the HVAC serviced twice a year.  So I happened upon a Groupon for $29 for the mac daddy unit and then had to pay full price for the second unit.  Still I was out a lot of money before 10am.  All didn’t go as planned when the guy arrived.  He found some electrical problems, some of which was revealed by the lights going out in the house while he was outside working on the units.  I ran outside to find him staring wide-eyed at the unit.  Thankfully, he was ok.  Lots of problems were found but long story short, we sit in South Carolina tonight with no air conditioning on our 1st floor.  It will be tomorrow before the original company can get here to repair it.

So our morning errands were delayed by these events and I started the project before we left.  Then the girls and I went off to take care of some things for Gigi and Grumpy who are not in town.

After accomplishing those tasks we went to pick out some shirts I had promised and found new bookbags, water bottles and lunch boxes!  Check that item off my list! The girls chose these super cute ones!

All three found at the Gap Outlet and all on sale.  $25 for the three items together!  Bargain fom mama!  (Lots of good deals to be found there right now if you live near one).  Since they chose the same I’m gonna have to put name tags on them or monogram them!

So life – ribbon outfits for little ponies, dinner, dishes, bedtime.

Ribbon and Safety Pin dresses made everyone happy!

Then back to sewing only to break a needle, install a new needle then find out my shortcuts were too short!  So after I go to my day job tomorrow I will try again.  I will share my mistakes so hopefully you will not make the same!

P.S.  Just as I finished writing this our doorbell rang!  9pm and we have air-conditioning – WOOHOO