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Paint Party for Two

Two little girls, two shades of green, two foam brushes and a large white wall, what do you get?  Two proud little girls, a fun hour and a marvelous mural!

I have been eyeing shades of green for the main color in the house and on the way home yesterday I stopped by and picked up some samples.  I thought it would be fun for the girls to help.  It was!  They loved feeling like they were a part of the process and having that much freedom.  Let’s be honest wouldn’t it be fun if someone stood you in front of a large wall and said paint whatever you want.  Here’s what it looks like when a 6-year-old an 3-year-old do it!

I loved the drawing.  Unfortunately, I did not like either color.  While it is hard to see here because of the poor lighting the Parakeet resembles what I used to find in the diapers of these precious girls.  Needless to say, do not want to think about that everytime I look at our walls.

Next, I decided to check out the shades of green at Lowes.  I tried 3 different colors.  Here is a picture of the 2 finalists with some of our fabric that may be in this room.  I’m not sure the drapes are staying.

The picture is from my phone and there is no overhead light in this room, so not the best representation.   Yes you did read correctly, Laura Ashley paint colors.  How many of you girls immediately think of the big floral dresses from the late 80’s, early 90’s whenever you see the brand Laura Ashley?  I certainly do!

My sweet mom-in-law and color expert extraordinaire helped via picture mail.  We both liked the same color and went with…Apple 3!  If you were wondering there around 5 shades off Apple in this paint line.  Apple 1 looks like a wash, it is basically white with a green tint.  Apple 5 was deep and intense, too much for a base color in our house.

A big shout out to Lowes on Main Street in Summerville   The ladies and guys in the paint department were super helpful and nice.  I absolutely loved the sample sizes as compared to Sherwin Williams.

Who needs that much of a paint color you end up not using?  Not to mention the $5 price difference.

Once I made my final decision I started taping because I cannot yet paint without taping!  I’m a bit of a clutz.  Curious what the final result was?

Here’s a pic from when we put our offer in.

And here is it today.  TADA

Still more to do in this room, but it is starting to feel like ours now!


I’m Sorry, What Year Is It?

I remember little things about the 70’s.  I remember the rockin purple jumpsuit my mom made for herself and wore on a trip with my dad.  (Where is that jumper now?  I wish I had it).  I remember a rainbow t-shirt I had on the day my cousin got my leg caught in the spokes of the bike I was riding on the back of and I remember our army green cinder block house with gold crushed velvet sofa in the living room.  Oooo and what about that stereo/record player console thing, who else remembers those?

My parents bought that house somewhere in the late 70’s for around $16,000 and I remember the color so well because my Aunt Carolyn and my mom painted that house pretty much on their own.  I was 4 or 5, it made a lasting impression.   I’m wondering if what my hubby and I are gettting ready to attempt will leave the same lasting impression on our young daughters.

I’ve recently been brought back to the 70’s because I’m pretty sure there are things in the house we are purchasing that haven’t been touched since the 70’s.  First we have the popcorn ceilings throughout.  Yes, every single inch of our 2500 square foot home is topped with this beautiful sight.

Secondly, I brought a carpet guy in to give me a quote on putting new carpet in the bedrooms and when I said, “I’m pretty sure the carpet is at least 20 years old,”  he kindly replied, “Sweetie, I think this carpet is almost as old as we are.”  Since I am nearing a milestone high school reunion I really couldn’t take offense.  On close inspection of the living room carpet what I originally thought was just creme colored carpet turns out to actually have some greenish colored specs in it that have been there long enough to fade out.  The other rooms have various colors of carpet and linoleum.  Yep, linoleum.  Flashback to your grandma’s kitchen!

And the colors! The hall bath has yellow linoleum, yellow toilet, yellow shower insert and a yellow sink atop a white vanity.  Oops almost forgot about the white toilet seat atop the yellow toilet.  The seat obviously needed replaced somewhere along the way.  We are not  not talking sunshine yellow or a golden yellow.  It is a dark drab yellow.  The good part is that everything appears to be in really good shape, just outdated like you stepped back in time.  They didn’t have a crushed gold sofa for me to reminise over, but they did have this burgandy one in the living room and two matching chairs in the back room.

Even in all the decades-gone-by decore there is something comforting about this house.  Hubby says it reminds him of his Grandfather Ira’s house.  I almost see him turn into a funny old man with a duct taped hat when we cross over the threshold.   His grandpa was a great man so it makes me smile.  I’ve heard funny stories told by grandpa’s wife of him vacuuming in the nude.  I’m a little nervous that when we hear about grandpa doing this he was almost 80!

This is 3 generation of Murrie Men -Justin, Grandpa Ira and Justin's Dad - whom we call Grumpy!

So when we step through the doors of our home-to-be we jump back to the late 70’s and smile as we remember some great times in our childhood homes and our grandparents homes.  We will happily take the 70’s and look forward to gradually bringing it to our current decade so our kids can have such memories from their childhood.   Now if only I could find that purple jumpsuit I would have a party wearing that and greet you at the door with a martini in hand.

Pick A Color, Any Color

I’m deep in the depths of trying to decide what color/colors I want to paint the inside of the house-to-be.  I’m deviating from my sunshine yellow “neutral” and branching out.  I’m a little overwhelmed.  So in an attempt to break things down into smaller pieces I’ve decided to just choose a front door color to start with.  This house is just screaming for a fun door, it has been since the second visit when it knew it had Justin and was working on me.

For those of you not from the south or Charleston specifically there is a color around here  known as Charleston Green.   It is basically black with a green undertone.  I had not heard of this color until I moved to South Carolina, nor did I know black could be green, but it is everywhere.  I knew it could be purple from a friends hair color mishap in college, but that is a story for another time.  Right my dear old roommate? Anyway, the current door and shutters are in this great color and while I love the color in a multitude of places, it is not really what I want on our front door.  As I said earlier the house had been making its thoughts known too.  Old houses speak and this one has a few things to say already.

So we are starting early and asking for opinions from our friends that are following our musings and progress.  Those that live locally feel free to drive by the house, sit outside and generally stalk it.  See what it says to you.  It hasn’t told me a color yet.  Red, Burnt Orange, even a REALLY Glossy Black would liven it up!  Here is a close up picture of the brick if you are not able to do a drive-by!

I plan on tackling the door soon after we close so you will get instant gratification.  I feel the need to get something accomplished!