Little Old Us

Armed with a little bit of know how and a lot of big dreams we are writing the next chapter of our lives together!

We have been together for 18 years and are nearing our 12th wedding anniversary (October 2013)!  Our lives have changed more in the past 8 years than we ever imagined. We had a daughter, quit “real” jobs in Atlanta to join a family business in Charleston, built a new home, started enjoying the slower way of life in Charleston, SC,  had a second daughter, closed family business, sold that new home, got “real” jobs again, basically started over, and then bought our awesome little 70’s ranch and started working on it. It has been unreal when I really stop to ponder it!

We are certain we would not be doing this today if we had not trusted God when we really wanted to try to control things ourselves and if our family and friends had not been so loving and supportive when things were most certainly more than tough!

I am a Southern girl who is not afraid of a power saw and hard work and threaten to paint everything I see, married to guy who I believe can do anything he sets his mind to and is most certainly not afraid of hard work and who stops me from painting everything I see. He is the logical one – most of the time.

We embarked on updating  this house together in the summer of 2011, which I am certain will continue to elicit lots of laughs and maybe a few hours of not speaking to one another for some time to come. We are doing the work as time and money permits. Sometimes things are a lot slower when you are determined to do the work yourselves :-).

We have been blessed with two daughters and I’m pretty certain that if we had two more children they would also be girls!  Everything is pink and you are certain to find a unicorn or a My Little Pony in every corner of our house.

If you’ve stumbled across our blog, welcome!  If you are our friends and family thanks for reading! We would love for you to follow us!  Maybe it will inspire you to try something new. It may even give everyone something to chuckle at on a rainy afternoon.

Jenny and Justin

  1. Jen! You can thank me later for this: pinterest.com. Let the inspiration boards begin… xoxo -H

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