A New Direction!

Justin and Jenny MurrieI’m a recovering  perfectionist and  people pleaser. A horrible combination. There used to be a voice that I heard in a loop that told me to say yes to every job, volunteer opportunity, work project and if not asked to do something, come up with one on my own and take it on alone. The voice also told me that if it didn’t end up exactly how I thought it should, then I was a failure no matter what the outcome. I despise feeling like a failure or like I’ve let someone down. I can make myself feel horrible long before anyone else does!

Writing and doing this blog fell into the category of failure because I put the unrealistic expectation of writing here 3 times a week on my to do list along with the other things that have to get done in our daily lives!  So when we didn’t have a home project going on to talk about for a bit, I certainly couldn’t write and when life got hectic then of course I couldn’t write. So I just walked around thinking about this blog and wishing I had time for it, because really I love to tell a story! And unfortunately, I thought about it more than you probably think I should’ve because I actually do write blogs, regularly, for several businesses! So I write about real estate, healthcare, golf, etc, but not about my little corner of the world! Lots of time to remind myself that I’m not writing here, but goodness there are only so many hours in a day!

Those goofballs in that picture have made me change my ways over time. At least some. I’m still a work in progress.

So today, I revamped the page a bit and decided on a new goal – I will do a post about why I am changing my goals soon- it’s my own self help program :-). Anyway, You Did That? can relate to so many things other than DIY home remodeling and I’ve decided, along with the hubby, that is the direction this blog will take, because with two daughters, both of us and a very large coon hound in this house a lot can fall under the heading You Did That? 

We are still fixing up and working on our home and I will most certainly post on that stuff, but you will see those things in real time, meaning we may start something and not get back to it for two months! That is just the way we roll around here with our crazy life! We have done  a lot over the past year, even though it doesn’t always feel like it, so I will post some completed projects too.

Please be patient with me, I am trying to be patient with myself. I’m gonna aim for once a week posting, there may be more AND there may be less, but I’m really trying to back off unrealistic exceptions so I don’t get paralyzed  by fear of failure and don’t write at all 🙂

I hope you all are well. I have missed so many of you and thank you to everyone who has been kind and said they like my writing “voice” and they have missed hearing about what we are up to!


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