Ok not a Rabbit Hole, but a Black Hole

My Girlie Girls and I

My Girlie Girls and I

Just a note for those new to this blog this is from July 2012! Yes one year prior to the post above… 

Nine months. I must have taken a wrong turn at the Milky Way when I was dreaming and fell into the black hole. In all seriousness, a lot went down in September and October and I simply had to reprioritize a bit. Then more went down in December, my dad gave us a little scare, so more prioritizing was necessary! I had to let go of everything that wasn’t necessary to daily life!

Without boring you to tears because most of your probably already know. Here is what derailed the blog and home rehab in a nutshell.

Even though it has been tough at times, we have managed to keep me mostly at home with our girls, but I do work part-time. About 4 posts could come out of that one sentence, but I’m going to try to be fairly short and sweet 🙂

Until September, I had mostly worked 2 days a week in the lactation center at St. Francis Hospital, filled in on one 3-11 shift a week as a department secretary for a friend going back to school, and taught some breastfeeding and a few other classes a couple times a month at the same hospital. This had been going on for a couple of years.  I also did some freelance writing/marketing work on the side, my parents and I did spend a lot of money on that education!

In a major turn of events, I had the opportunity to start working part-time at our church in the communications group. LOVE the people there and it is literally 3/4 a mile from my house and Reese was going to pre-k there 4 days a week.  So I started working at the most wonderful Bethany UMC and continued on at the hospital.

I also was on the PTA board at Miss Georgia’s school. Then I was so excited when a truly God moment happened and one of the nurses I worked with realized my advertising background and asked me to help on a Beth Moore event that was coming to Charleston in August of 2012.  And even more amazement when the partnership two friends and I formed for freelance marketing/social media/blogging really took off!

So the joke with my close friends was that I had 5 jobs:

1- The Church

2-The Lactation Center

3- Teaching at the Hospital

3- Freelance Work

4- PTA

5- Beth Moore

I tried juggling all those balls until November, then they started to drop one-by-one.

I was doing a bad job at just about everything, including taking care of my family!  The first thing to go and the one that was the hardest was the Lactation Center. I LOVE that place! The people, the service offered, everything, but I wasn’t able to do what I needed to at the church effectively and the cost of childcare for the girls was really making my total income from that job basically non-existent! Then once the semester ended for my friend, I dropped the 3-11 shift. It seemed somewhat manageable although I had missed a lot with PTA.

Then just as we thought we might have it figured out, dad got sick and it was a 4 month roller coaster, but dad is A-okay now!

So you can probably see why work on our house and blogging for personal reasons fell by the wayside!

So this is not an exciting post, no pretty visuals, but a status update. Hope you all are well! I will eventually get back here!


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