Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello all!  What a couple of weeks we have had!  To say things got really overwhelming would be a huge understatement!  Nothing in the last week before our move went as I had hoped!  I thought I would pack that last week while Justin finished up the little things at the new place, but there were a lot of jobs that required two people.    That meant I didn’t really pack .   So moving and unpacking has been a bear.  We’ve been here 1 week and only about half of our things have found a place!  I’m still overwhelmed!

We had to decide in the week before we moved what we needed to complete and what needed to wait.   Finishing priming and painting the last two rooms (the largest rooms) went to the top, painting the shelves from the inside of the kitchen cabinets came second (mom had painted the inside of the cabinets over the weekend),  cleaning the entire house came third.  I will have a post this week on the kitchen cabinets.

I really just wanted to say hi this morning and let you all know we are back up and running on blogging.  Thank you to all who have emailed, called and asked how we are doing and have said you are missing the posts!  I have missed blogging.  Unfortunately, blogging requires sitting down and I seem to not be doing much of that and when I do I fall asleep – yes with the computer in my lap 🙂


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