Just One More Ode to Removing Popcorn…

I know there are those of you out there that have questioned our sanity.  Some have probably thought “What’s the big deal with popcorn ceilings?” Others maybe have said ” I hate them too, but why oh why dear Murries would you undertake this task?”  Well, I’m going to try to answer your questions!

First of all few things date a house in the not so good way like old popcorn ceilings.  You need to keep in mind our ceilings were done mostly by the early 80’s.  It felt dirty and grimmy.  Also, if you knocked the ceiling or probably even shut a door a little too hard little bits would flake off.   When you see a comparision it is pretty easy to see the difference.  You don’t have to take my word for it, check out these pictures.

Justin was already well under way in this room when he discovered he had not removed the light fixture.  Since water is involed in removing the popcorn, as you will see tomorrow in the “how-to” post, it did not seem like a good idea to expose wires while he was working.  This will be touched up and fixed when we add the ceiling fan in this room.  Kinda glad, it gave us a great comparison pic and a reminder of why we did it!

And as for why we did it ourselves: pure cost.  You see it isn’t a job people really like to do, it is time consuming and messy and your neck and back are gonna hurt.   It was easily going to cost us in the thousands of dollars range to hire someone to do this and we are just too cheap for that.  So we bought all kind of crazy gear and read and read info about it.  It was definatley something we wanted to happen before we moved in.

Kudos and a whole bunch of love goes to my hubby for taking time off work to do this.  I know you thought Justin was having a big old party that week he took vacation, but no, this is what he was doing.  I did one room with him and he ousted me.  It was difficult to keep up with where one person started and one stopped.  Since it was wet when you were scraping, it was hard to tell what you missed.   I was sent on to start other jobs.

We are still finishing up mudding, sanding and painting the ceilings.  That should all be done by the end of the weekend.  We both worked a lot this week at our day jobs and both girls started school.  It’s been a slow house week.  Things have been happening though and I will soon share the Plumbing Aventure of 2011 that was completed yesterday (we did hire out for this) and the girls have a very girlie pink room!


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