Duct Tape, Caulk and Dry Wall Mud Will Fix Anything

I have long known the many uses of duct tape.  You see at an early age I was taught when in doubt try duct tape.  Then I learned caulk will hide a multitude of things, especially paintable caulk.  And now I have learned drywall mud is a miracle product as well.   Do you remember the walls I destroyed when removing grass cloth and two layers of wallpaper?    My hubby took mud and some sandpaper to them and TADA!

No more big gashes!

It’s a miracle of home remodeling proportions!  I truly thought I had destroyed the room and it is his office.

Then my dear sweet dad primed the room and the ceiling.

Lovely green paint from Valspar -Laura Ashley Apple 3 for the walls and white ceiling paint will be next.  Then at some point a window treatment in this fab fabric below.  Can you believe I bought this on a remnant bolt some time back and it is going to work great for the office?  So glad I have kept it!

The moral of this story? Next time instead of bringing the first time homeowner flowers or a bottle of wine just give them a gift basket with the three most important products for home owners: duct tape, caulk, and drywall mud.  Well throw in the wine too, it will make the basket look nice and the new homeowners will probably need a drink at some point!


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