A Day of DIY Disappointment

Yesterday was one those days that accomplishments got lost to a larger number of disappointments.  My rose-colored glasses got fogged up and simply could not be cleaned without the help of a blue cheese burger, steak fries and Shock Top beer from our local restaurant Montreux.  By-the-way Wednesday is $5 burger day at this delicious place. 

I am still the positive first junkie so the accomplishment of the day was, wait for it… Popcorn ceilings are gone!  Well everywhere, but the kitchen.  The kitchen is going to be covered, not removed.  While that in itself is huge and on most days we would have done a little dance and been very, very happy a few things happened that overshadowed that remarkable feat.

1-) The reason the kitchen is going to be covered not scraped is that it was basically unscrapeable. Justin spent an hour on a 3×3 space that even after some tedious slow work and unplanned dig marks it was still bumpy.  Good thing we didn’t start in that room!

2-) I thought I had chosen the correct shade of pink for the girls room only to turn around after I had cut-in and realized I had just flung a bottle of Pepto Bismal around the room.  Two more samples later and I still didn’t have a good color.  Some too light, some too dark, none just right. 

3-) I got off to a late start because we had a much-needed PTA board meeting that lasted longer than any of us thought it would, but it all had to be covered and it was nice to check some things off there.  Just hated not being at house to help Justin. 

4-) Then the huge topper of the day was my phone ringing while I was at Home Depot inspecting their shades of pink girliness.  Justin calling to ask me to grab a “snake” to snake out the toilet.  It was overflowing into the floor and the garage sink had water bubbling up through the drain and over the edge.  Needless to say there is a problem in a main line somewhere.   Of course it was the ugly yellow toilet with white seat.  It must know I have been talking about it!

5-) Oh and I almost forgot the “tan” paint that looks like a girl smeared make-up on the wall. 

So do you understand while by 7pm I needed this? 

So this morning we are at the house working on the next steps for the ceilings and waiting on the  plumber.  This afternoon or tomorrow morning we will venture back out to look at paint colors.  We need to feel a sense off accomplishment first!  I want to do a happy dance tonight!


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