The Last Four Days

First I must set the stage.

Our little angels left on Friday for some quality time with Gigi and Grumpy in Atlanta.  The crazy part?  It is for one week!

Justin took this week off to work at the house.

So we have been kicking butt and taking names since Saturday morning.

Here is the list of what we have checked off:

1.) Smooth ceilings in all 4 bedrooms and all 3 baths, hall and dining room

2.) Grass Cloth and 2 layers of wallpaper removed from 1 room

3.) Main interior color chosen

4.) Living room painted

5.) Remaining rooms prepped for popcorn removal (living, kitchen family foyer)

6.) All shelving removed from kitchen cabinets to prep for cleaning and painting.

7.)  Flooring 3 bedrooms – carpet chosen and installation scheduled

8.) Flooring central hall, living room, dining room – Hardwoods are going to have to wait until what we want fits into our initial fix-up budget.  Hoping within the next 6 -12 months, so we don’t want to waste money on something we will pull up.  Chose a temp remnant for central hall for around $100.  Need one for the living room /dining room still.  Stuart at Magnolia Flooring is wonderful and has been extremely helpful with this crazy lady!

9.)  Sanding of the walls I destroyed in removal of Grass Cloth /Wallpaper mix

Today the rockin’ hubby and awesome brother-in-law are mudding ceilings and walls to prep for painting.  If they get to it, they may put on the primer coat.  I’m looking forward to being off tomorrow to get some things done too!

I don’t have any house pics for the day, but I will leave you with my girls and I snuggling the night before they left.  Based on those faces, I think Georgia and Reese were wide awake!


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