What Happened to Those Walls?

I closed the door and let a wildebeest loose, no a tiger.  That would be a great story!  Unfortunately, not the case.  This is what I did to the office walls while removing two layers of wallpaper and one layer of grass cloth.

 I was panicked.  Mild mannered Justin did not look phased and told me to keep going.  He said he could mud it.  I don’t know if I moved too fast or if it is just the result of 40 years worth of wallpaper.  I think some of it has to do with my scoring ability.  I will spend a lot more time on that part in the next room.  Either way I left a mess.

Justin said in the beginning it would probably be easier to cut out the drywall and just replace it!  That seemed crazy to me.   It may have been just as much work by the time we mud, prime and paint, but certainly not cheaper.  I am hoping I learned some lessons on this room that will not be repeated in the family room.

Just so you don’t think I’m exaggerating to save face, here are the multiple layers:

Grass cloth and first layer of wallpaper

I was surprised to find this lovely yellow, orange and green wallpaper!
Wallpaper #2As much as I would like to spin a tall tale about how the walls came to look the way they did when I left them last night, I might as well tell the truth.  Who is going to believe me about a wildebeest.  Now maybe if I switched to a racoon, that would be believable!

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  1. You and justin are doing a great job. Looking forward to this weekend and helping.
    Love ya

    • Thanks Dadio! We are excited about seeing you guys! BTW you guys are awesome parents, you haven’t missed lending a hand in every single move or house project we have ever done! Thanks for being awesome! Love J and J

  2. Susan Nicholson

    Ha, ha you make me laugh Jenny!!!!! This is great and I love everything you guys are doing. I really can’t wait to see it now!!! Oh, and by the way I like the girls art work on the walls and I think you should keep it!!!!! The unicorn reminds me of them and the stories they told me when we were looking at the home!!!!! Please let me know when I can come by and take a peak!!!!

    • I am going to let them each draw one picture on the wall in their room or play area. I’m going to frame it with picture frame molding so I can limit the size of the unicorn – 😉

  3. Susan Nicholson

    GOOD!!!!!! They are so cute!!!!

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