Weekend Highlights

Well, Saturday morning went exactly as we thought it would.  We were up and out of the house by 615am. Justin was not impressed with the alarm clock!  Just as we thought, the yardsalers started showing up as I was putting up directional signs around 7am.

There were some sweet people who came by the sale and many neighbors that wanted to find out how Grandma is doing.  We also had some funny encounters.  One was the 80-year-old con lady and her daughter with stories of multiple ailments and friends with illnesses.  I would get told a different story about someone right before they would try to negotiate a lower price for an item.  I have laughed about this all weekend.  Even this bleeding heart couldn’t take it!  My other fun visitor was the neighborhood guy who gave me a warning for having the sale against neighborhood covenants and a neighbor lady in her 60’s or 70’s that pulled up while he was there. She immediately launched into a string of expletives to describe him ending with “do not pack-up or pay attention to the a**.  I honestly thought I might pee my pants laughing!

We made 4 runs to our house as we wrapped up and called it quits around 6pm.  It was too hot to do anymore.  I felt like I was moving in slow motion.  We had grand ambitions of moving some boxes out of our attic while we had the trailer, but the heat knocked us out.

Then my rose-colored glasses failed.  Before going home to clean up we looked under the carpet and found particle board and sub-floor.  No hardwoods.

Needless to say I was sad and am forced to make a decision on how much of the flooring we are going to tackle before we move in.  I’m struggling hard with this.  We really should not spend the money right now to do it exactly the way we both want.  So we have to find a compromise in our dreams and our comfortable spending level.

Nothing was going to get decided that night.  Kiddos were with my parents so we showered and enjoyed a date night at Wasabi!

Sneak peek for upcoming post…..


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  1. Have you considered just painting your subfloor for a midterm fix? You could do a checkerboard (tone-on-tone for a modern look or classic black and white) or stripes (if you’re feeling adventurous! Fun for a family room.).

    Hubby and I have replaced all of the flooring in this house over time. Most of it wears a black walnut laminate we bought for <$1 sq ft at the Habitat for Humanity outlet. The rest is tiled in a gorgeous stone-look ceramic we picked up for about $1 sq ft at a builder surplus outlet. We did all of the floors except the kitchen ourselves.

    We lived with naked concrete in our kitchen for about a year after I stripped off the linoleum one (long) night (immediately post layoff). Even the naked slab looked better than the awful linoleum. In fact it set off our cabinets and paint nicely.

    I found the trick with paint was to make sure each color had a grey undertone. Althought the color changes in each room, the house feels cohesive and, with the grey undertone, restful. Check out Devine Color paints. They are thicker (like European formulations) and cover in a single coat (huzzah!) and I love their color options: http://www.devinecolor.com.

    Happy nesting!!

    • Jen I love the idea of painted concrete! We are on a crawl space so we have wood sub-floor. It’s particle board over some type of 1x. I’ve been hitting up the Habitat stores around town hoping to find some leftover pine floor. Found some great bathroom tile there for .50 a sqft! Any creative thoughts on what to do with the a particle board floor?
      I’m gonna check out that paint website right now!

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