Yikes, I Think We’re Adults Again

I would be telling a big old lie if I said we have not enjoyed being able to pick up the phone over the past year and call someone when something broke at the little yellow cottage.   When weighing the pros of renting or buying that really should get two lines on the plus side of renting.  Well, them days are over for these kiddos  thirty-somethings.  We signed the papers this afternoon and walked away owning a house – again.  Woohoo a mortgage!

We really are super-duper excited!  Yes I did just say that.  We ran home got the girls from our sitter and went over to survey the scene of the empty house.  The first thing we did was say a family prayer.  Thanking God for all that he provides and knowing without His hand we would not have made it here and for guidance to raise our girls to know more about what being a Christian means.  From there we really just asked for our home to be a place where love just is; for us, our children and anyone that happens by.  It’s okay you can sing Kum Ba Yah now.

The girls wandered around asking if they could pick their room.  I pondered (I do think a little bubble cloud floated above my head here) how I could let them think they picked it while creatively steering them to the room Daddio and I had already chosen for them.  The almost 4-year-old tried to claim the 18×24 living room as “hers.”  I thought that was clever.

Hubby and I started really taking in all we want to accomplish in a few short weeks.  It’s going to be a job, a big, big job.  We tried to get a closer look at what is under the old carpet before speeding off to deliver our giggle boxes to my parents for the weekend.  As I mentioned before I have not finalized the flooring decision.  In all honesty it is because my rose-colored glasses are hoping we will find heart pine, that matches that in another part of the house, when we pull up the carpet.  I know wishful thinking in a 70’s ranch, but I really am hoping….

We left a bit overwhelmed.  On the drive to meet Grandma and Papaw we devised our weekend plan.  It starts tomorrow at 730 with an estate sale at Justin’s grandmother’s place and you know we better be ready for people by 7.  The regulars don’t like to wait until the official start time.  We need to move some items from Gma’s to our place and pick up a rug from Gigi and Grumpy’s old place and hopefully by late afternoon / early evening we can start gathering supplies.  If all goes as we hope, we will be scraping that popcorn by Sunday night!  We are taking volunteers.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!


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  1. What a tease! Did you find anything under the carpet?

  2. Love your new blog! Can’t wait to see all you do 🙂 COngrats!

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