What Is This All About?

Admittedly we are doing this a little backwards.  We have owned 2 homes in our 9 years of marriage, both beautiful homes, very different, yet both beautiful and new construction.  That’s right two houses that didn’t really need anything done to them when we moved in except some painting and decorating.  Our second house didn’t really need that.  I had so much lead time (1 year) that I had most of the decorating figured out and in hand before we moved in.   I love planning!

Our third house, well that is a different story.  It’s a great house, in a great location and we are super excited!  Here’s the catch; the house was built in 1972 and has only had one set of owners.   It has obviously been loved and it obviously needs updating.  That’s it above, I will have a better picture soon!

Here is where the fun comes in.  With a change in our life priorities and a tight budget, we are going to do the majority of the work ourselves.   I do have to confess I have a hubby that is not only super cute, but very handy!

This is the bed Justin built for our youngest daughter which is identical to the one his uncle built him when he was little. Our oldest sleeps in the original.

When his perfectionism doesn’t talk him out of things he does awesome work!   Have I mentioned I think I can do anything?  Give me a book to read or a how-to video and I jump in head first.  As you can imagine this quality can create a few predicaments.  I wear rose-colored glasses regularly.

Luckily, we work well together and usually come out on the okay side of things!  So stay tuned for the antics that follow!  I will post at least 3 times a week, probably more!


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