Pick A Color, Any Color

I’m deep in the depths of trying to decide what color/colors I want to paint the inside of the house-to-be.  I’m deviating from my sunshine yellow “neutral” and branching out.  I’m a little overwhelmed.  So in an attempt to break things down into smaller pieces I’ve decided to just choose a front door color to start with.  This house is just screaming for a fun door, it has been since the second visit when it knew it had Justin and was working on me.

For those of you not from the south or Charleston specifically there is a color around here  known as Charleston Green.   It is basically black with a green undertone.  I had not heard of this color until I moved to South Carolina, nor did I know black could be green, but it is everywhere.  I knew it could be purple from a friends hair color mishap in college, but that is a story for another time.  Right my dear old roommate? Anyway, the current door and shutters are in this great color and while I love the color in a multitude of places, it is not really what I want on our front door.  As I said earlier the house had been making its thoughts known too.  Old houses speak and this one has a few things to say already.

So we are starting early and asking for opinions from our friends that are following our musings and progress.  Those that live locally feel free to drive by the house, sit outside and generally stalk it.  See what it says to you.  It hasn’t told me a color yet.  Red, Burnt Orange, even a REALLY Glossy Black would liven it up!  Here is a close up picture of the brick if you are not able to do a drive-by!

I plan on tackling the door soon after we close so you will get instant gratification.  I feel the need to get something accomplished!


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  1. That brick reminds me of my mom’s house. I’m pretty sure our front door and shutters were black, so I’m no help.

  2. Dana! You are right I hadn’t put that together, but it does look like your house in Dville! Shiney, shiney black is a possibility!

  3. Are you thinking of painting the brick too? Or just the front door? I saw a house once that was old brick painted grey, and they had the black shutters and door and it looked sharp! Thanks for sharing! Check out my blog too!

    -Shara from http://www.plamettosandpigtails.wordpress.com

    • I LOVE painted brick! I grew up in a house with white painted brick. Justin is a little harder sell! We do not plan on painting it right now. Since it isn’t solid red it doesn’t bother me right now! We are gonna concentrate on updating the inside and adding some more curb appeal by fresh paint on the trim/doors/shutters and cleaning up the landscaping.

  4. My vote is glossy red or glossy black! With respect to interior colors, I’m of no use. My brain is still fried from trying to sort out our color scheme and we’re still not done. To make matters worse, potty training officially kicked off today. Any suggestions you have (besides copious amounts of wine) are appreciated 🙂 We’re SUPER happy for you guys! So satisfying and rewarding to DIY! Plus, nothing like being a homeowner and not dealing with the landlord 😉

  5. Thanks Nicole! I’m thinking the same, but I’m open to anything!
    As far as potty training- if possible skip the “baby potty” and just go for the big potty and do pull-ups only when necessary, just plan on washing LOTS of undies nightly! If she is really stubborn – I will be happy to pass along Plan B later! BTW pick a night and let’s go for drinks. I will see if my sis-in-law can watch all the girls!

  6. I have the same brick on my house and am getting ready to paint the front door. I have color swatches taped to the door trying to choose a color. What color did you choose?

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