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Yikes, I Think We’re Adults Again

I would be telling a big old lie if I said we have not enjoyed being able to pick up the phone over the past year and call someone when something broke at the little yellow cottage.   When weighing the pros of renting or buying that really should get two lines on the plus side of renting.  Well, them days are over for these kiddos  thirty-somethings.  We signed the papers this afternoon and walked away owning a house – again.  Woohoo a mortgage!

We really are super-duper excited!  Yes I did just say that.  We ran home got the girls from our sitter and went over to survey the scene of the empty house.  The first thing we did was say a family prayer.  Thanking God for all that he provides and knowing without His hand we would not have made it here and for guidance to raise our girls to know more about what being a Christian means.  From there we really just asked for our home to be a place where love just is; for us, our children and anyone that happens by.  It’s okay you can sing Kum Ba Yah now.

The girls wandered around asking if they could pick their room.  I pondered (I do think a little bubble cloud floated above my head here) how I could let them think they picked it while creatively steering them to the room Daddio and I had already chosen for them.  The almost 4-year-old tried to claim the 18×24 living room as “hers.”  I thought that was clever.

Hubby and I started really taking in all we want to accomplish in a few short weeks.  It’s going to be a job, a big, big job.  We tried to get a closer look at what is under the old carpet before speeding off to deliver our giggle boxes to my parents for the weekend.  As I mentioned before I have not finalized the flooring decision.  In all honesty it is because my rose-colored glasses are hoping we will find heart pine, that matches that in another part of the house, when we pull up the carpet.  I know wishful thinking in a 70’s ranch, but I really am hoping….

We left a bit overwhelmed.  On the drive to meet Grandma and Papaw we devised our weekend plan.  It starts tomorrow at 730 with an estate sale at Justin’s grandmother’s place and you know we better be ready for people by 7.  The regulars don’t like to wait until the official start time.  We need to move some items from Gma’s to our place and pick up a rug from Gigi and Grumpy’s old place and hopefully by late afternoon / early evening we can start gathering supplies.  If all goes as we hope, we will be scraping that popcorn by Sunday night!  We are taking volunteers.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!


Life Strikes

So my DIY sewing project got derailed today by multiple things.  All of which can best be summed up as life.  Christie, while those weren’t the projects I planned on doing today, I am thinking a kitchen curtain would be a GREAT idea!  I had planned on making a new ironing board cover!  My one from 1999 needs to hit the road!  See below!

Check out those flowers!

First of all part of our current lease agreement is to have the HVAC serviced twice a year.  So I happened upon a Groupon for $29 for the mac daddy unit and then had to pay full price for the second unit.  Still I was out a lot of money before 10am.  All didn’t go as planned when the guy arrived.  He found some electrical problems, some of which was revealed by the lights going out in the house while he was outside working on the units.  I ran outside to find him staring wide-eyed at the unit.  Thankfully, he was ok.  Lots of problems were found but long story short, we sit in South Carolina tonight with no air conditioning on our 1st floor.  It will be tomorrow before the original company can get here to repair it.

So our morning errands were delayed by these events and I started the project before we left.  Then the girls and I went off to take care of some things for Gigi and Grumpy who are not in town.

After accomplishing those tasks we went to pick out some shirts I had promised and found new bookbags, water bottles and lunch boxes!  Check that item off my list! The girls chose these super cute ones!

All three found at the Gap Outlet and all on sale.  $25 for the three items together!  Bargain fom mama!  (Lots of good deals to be found there right now if you live near one).  Since they chose the same I’m gonna have to put name tags on them or monogram them!

So life – ribbon outfits for little ponies, dinner, dishes, bedtime.

Ribbon and Safety Pin dresses made everyone happy!

Then back to sewing only to break a needle, install a new needle then find out my shortcuts were too short!  So after I go to my day job tomorrow I will try again.  I will share my mistakes so hopefully you will not make the same!

P.S.  Just as I finished writing this our doorbell rang!  9pm and we have air-conditioning – WOOHOO

The Final Countdown

3 days.  That is all that’s left until we embark upon this new journey of ours.  To say there is a mix of excitement and nervousness would not do our emotions justice.  There is so much we are looking forward to and so much that may knock our socks off!

We have lofty goals for the first month.   Justin works full-time, I work part-time, school starts back mid August and we do plan on doing all of this list ourselves or with the help of family!

Our closing date is July 29th and before August 29th we want to accomplish the following:

1-) Remove the glorious popcorn from all 2400 sqft of the house and replace it with ceilings as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

2-) Remove the majority of the carpet, laminate, linoleum and replace it with something.  I’m struggling with this, our budget and my dream list.

3-) Remove grass cloth from walls in 2 rooms

4-) Paint, Paint, Paint

Then we will move in and continue to work our way through our dreams and necessities.

I think I am leaning towards a glossy black front door and shutters.  The inside color that keeps coming back to the top is a light green / lime color.  If the inside main color is that bold then I think the door may need to be a little less in your face!  What do you guys think?

Tomorrow I’m gonna tackle a little  sewing project with my girls.  We had planned on going to the water park, but it sounds as if it might rain.  The project involves this great fabric.  I will post pictures and steps for everyone!  Any guesses as to what I’m going to DIY?  Wish me luck!

I’m Sorry, What Year Is It?

I remember little things about the 70’s.  I remember the rockin purple jumpsuit my mom made for herself and wore on a trip with my dad.  (Where is that jumper now?  I wish I had it).  I remember a rainbow t-shirt I had on the day my cousin got my leg caught in the spokes of the bike I was riding on the back of and I remember our army green cinder block house with gold crushed velvet sofa in the living room.  Oooo and what about that stereo/record player console thing, who else remembers those?

My parents bought that house somewhere in the late 70’s for around $16,000 and I remember the color so well because my Aunt Carolyn and my mom painted that house pretty much on their own.  I was 4 or 5, it made a lasting impression.   I’m wondering if what my hubby and I are gettting ready to attempt will leave the same lasting impression on our young daughters.

I’ve recently been brought back to the 70’s because I’m pretty sure there are things in the house we are purchasing that haven’t been touched since the 70’s.  First we have the popcorn ceilings throughout.  Yes, every single inch of our 2500 square foot home is topped with this beautiful sight.

Secondly, I brought a carpet guy in to give me a quote on putting new carpet in the bedrooms and when I said, “I’m pretty sure the carpet is at least 20 years old,”  he kindly replied, “Sweetie, I think this carpet is almost as old as we are.”  Since I am nearing a milestone high school reunion I really couldn’t take offense.  On close inspection of the living room carpet what I originally thought was just creme colored carpet turns out to actually have some greenish colored specs in it that have been there long enough to fade out.  The other rooms have various colors of carpet and linoleum.  Yep, linoleum.  Flashback to your grandma’s kitchen!

And the colors! The hall bath has yellow linoleum, yellow toilet, yellow shower insert and a yellow sink atop a white vanity.  Oops almost forgot about the white toilet seat atop the yellow toilet.  The seat obviously needed replaced somewhere along the way.  We are not  not talking sunshine yellow or a golden yellow.  It is a dark drab yellow.  The good part is that everything appears to be in really good shape, just outdated like you stepped back in time.  They didn’t have a crushed gold sofa for me to reminise over, but they did have this burgandy one in the living room and two matching chairs in the back room.

Even in all the decades-gone-by decore there is something comforting about this house.  Hubby says it reminds him of his Grandfather Ira’s house.  I almost see him turn into a funny old man with a duct taped hat when we cross over the threshold.   His grandpa was a great man so it makes me smile.  I’ve heard funny stories told by grandpa’s wife of him vacuuming in the nude.  I’m a little nervous that when we hear about grandpa doing this he was almost 80!

This is 3 generation of Murrie Men -Justin, Grandpa Ira and Justin's Dad - whom we call Grumpy!

So when we step through the doors of our home-to-be we jump back to the late 70’s and smile as we remember some great times in our childhood homes and our grandparents homes.  We will happily take the 70’s and look forward to gradually bringing it to our current decade so our kids can have such memories from their childhood.   Now if only I could find that purple jumpsuit I would have a party wearing that and greet you at the door with a martini in hand.