A Week Of A Little Bit Of Everything

This week has been a very different week for us. Our girls have been gone since last Friday to spend the week in Atlanta with Justin’s parents. So we did a little bit of nothing and a little bit of everything. I tried to boycott laundry, but it seems even the adults generate way too much in our house. We hung curtain rods, painted a couple of ceilings, met friends for dinner watched two movies and one night we decided at 7:30 that we really wanted a good hamburger and a beer for dinner and (here is where you gasp), we left and went and got one! You see with a five year old and eight year old leaving our house at 7:30 for dinner rarely happens. That is just asking for a meltdown from the five year old!

I also spent yesterday from about 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. doing what I wanted on my own timetable. That primarily meant going to stores I would not typically take the girls to and staying out for eight hours straight!

So in the midst of all of these moments without a plan I also tried to narrow down a color for our kitchen cabinets. Here is what our Original Kitchenkitchen looked like we when moved in. Now I have no idea who that frumpy looking chick is in the background cooking dinner, but the cute girl with flying hair is Miss GA from two years ago. This seems to be the only pic of the kitchen I have with me on my computer, the rest must be on an SD card at home somewhere!

Anyway, here is a list of projects for said kitchen we came up with when we moved in.

1- Replace the linoleum flooring with something else, checkerboard tile or hardwood

2- Replace lovely yellow laminate with, well ANYTHING else

3- Remove same yellow laminate from walls. Running your laminate up the walls for a backsplash was all the rage in the 70’s ūüėČ

4- Remove the heavily painted grass cloth from the walls where there was no laminate

5- Update the cabinets

6- Update the cabinet hardware

7- Remove the boxed fluorescent light that hung in the center of the kitchen.

Believe it or not we have done a lot of those things.

We have run the hardwoods that we put in the majority of the house into the kitchen. Seemed like the best choice to make the house appear less choppy. The  laminate is GONE from everywhere! We did all the demo ourselves and while the counter tops came off easily the wall laminate was a pain. We scored some granite at an auction and had that installed by someone else. A bargain at $1200 for the granite and installation and a new sink and faucet. We are currently in the process of removing the last bit of grass cloth and repairing walls this month. Justin installed canned lighting and removed the hideous fluorescent light Рwhy did people think those were ever a good idea outside of an office building? And when you think about it, they are even horrible in offices!

That brings us to the cabinets. ¬†So since I put the cart before the horse with the granite, updating is the route we are taking with the cabinets. Justin put new shelving in most of the bottom cabinets and worked on the tracks for all the drawers to make sure they were OK. So we are going to paint them a warmer color, I am not really a fan of white cabinets I have found out from living in this house. After some discussions we are considering Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. If you haven’t heard about this nifty stuff, read up on it. It allows you to paint over pretty much anything without sanding or priming. It is wonderful for furniture pieces!

So after buying three sample colors of the paint we still didn’t have a color we liked. We were a bit like the three bears- this one is too dark, this one has too much green, this one has too much blue. Leaving me with three drawers in my kitchen different colors currently. And then the fun began and Justin starts to panic, because I look online and start mixing colors ūüôā ¬†He really thinks I do it to drive him crazy.

So what do you think? These are combos of Coco and Old White or Paris Grey and Old White. Then I got crazy and did 3 parts Old White, 1 part Paris Grey, 1 part Coco. I was attempting my own “Greige” color. And mixing paint is a lot of fun using medicine¬†syringe!

Mixing Annie Sloan paints

I just kept mixing until I ran out of room!

Here is a picture with an extra piece of our granite. I will try to get you a better one in the upcoming days!

Annie Sloan paints and granite

I’ve been toting this piece of granite around in my trunk to match things to!

We haven’t made any decisions yet. But this topic is going to be front and center for a few weeks I believe since after we finished hanging the curtain rods in our bedroom two nights ago, the hubs said, “NOW can we get back to the kitchen and get it done?” ¬†I love that man!

Have  great weekend! We are two hours away from kissing our sweet little girls faces, so we most certainly will!


A New Direction!

Justin and Jenny MurrieI’m a recovering¬†¬†perfectionist and ¬†people pleaser. A horrible combination. There used to be a voice that I heard in a loop that told me to say yes to every job, volunteer opportunity, work project and if not asked to do something, come up with one on my own and take it on alone. The voice also told me that if it didn’t end up exactly how I thought it should, then I was a failure no matter what the outcome. I despise feeling like a failure or like I’ve let someone down. I can make myself feel horrible long before anyone else does!

Writing and doing this blog fell into the category of failure because I put the unrealistic expectation of writing here 3 times a week on my to do list along with the other things that have to get done in our daily lives! ¬†So when we didn’t have a home project going on to talk about for a bit, I certainly couldn’t write and when life got hectic then of course I couldn’t write. So I just walked around thinking about this blog and wishing I had time for it, because really I love to tell a story! And unfortunately, I thought about it more than you probably think I should’ve because I actually do write blogs, regularly, for several businesses! So I write about real estate, healthcare, golf, etc, but not about my little corner of the world! Lots of time to remind myself that I’m not writing here, but goodness there are only so many hours in a day!

Those goofballs in that picture have made me change my ways over time. At least some. I’m still a work in progress.

So today, I revamped the page a bit and decided on a new goal – I will do a post about why I am changing my goals soon- it’s my own self help program :-). Anyway, You Did That? can relate to so many things other than DIY home remodeling and I’ve decided, along with the hubby, that is the direction this blog will take, because with two daughters, both of us and a very large coon hound in this house a lot can fall under the heading You Did That?¬†

We are still fixing up and working on our home and I will most certainly post on that stuff, but you will see those things in real time, meaning we may start something and not get back to it for two months! That is just the way we roll around here with our crazy life! We have done ¬†a lot over the past year, even though it doesn’t always feel like it, so I will post some completed projects too.

Please be patient with me, I am trying to be patient with myself. I’m gonna aim for once a week posting, there may be more AND there may be less, but I’m really trying to back off unrealistic exceptions so I¬†don’t get paralyzed ¬†by fear of failure and don’t write at all ūüôā

I hope you all are well. I have missed so many of you and thank you to everyone who has been kind and said they like my writing “voice” and they have missed hearing about what we are up to!

Ok not a Rabbit Hole, but a Black Hole

My Girlie Girls and I

My Girlie Girls and I

Just a note for those new to this blog this is from July 2012! Yes one year prior to the post above…¬†

Nine months. I must have taken a wrong turn at the Milky Way when I was dreaming and fell into the black hole. In all seriousness, a lot went down in September and October and I simply had to reprioritize a bit. Then more went down in December, my dad gave us a little scare, so more prioritizing was necessary! I had to let go of everything that wasn’t necessary to daily life!

Without boring you to tears because most of your probably already know. Here is what derailed the blog and home rehab in a nutshell.

Even though it has been tough at times, we have managed to keep me mostly at home with our girls, but I do work part-time. About 4 posts could come out of that one sentence, but I’m going to try to be fairly short and sweet ūüôā

Until September, I had mostly worked 2 days a week in the lactation center at St. Francis Hospital, filled in on one 3-11 shift a week as a department secretary for a friend going back to school, and taught some breastfeeding and a few other classes a couple times a month at the same hospital. This had been going on for a couple of years.  I also did some freelance writing/marketing work on the side, my parents and I did spend a lot of money on that education!

In a major turn of events, I had the opportunity to start working part-time at our church in the communications group. LOVE the people there and it is literally 3/4 a mile from my house and Reese was going to pre-k there 4 days a week.  So I started working at the most wonderful Bethany UMC and continued on at the hospital.

I also was on the PTA board at Miss Georgia’s school. Then I was so excited when a truly God moment happened and one of the nurses I worked with realized my¬†advertising¬†background and asked me to help on a Beth Moore event that was coming to Charleston in August of 2012. ¬†And even more amazement when the partnership two friends and I formed for freelance marketing/social media/blogging really took off!

So the joke with my close friends was that I had 5 jobs:

1- The Church

2-The Lactation Center

3- Teaching at the Hospital

3- Freelance Work

4- PTA

5- Beth Moore

I tried juggling all those balls until November, then they started to drop one-by-one.

I was doing a bad job at just about everything, including taking care of my family! ¬†The first thing to go and the one that was the hardest was the Lactation Center. I LOVE that place! The people, the service offered, everything, but I wasn’t able to do what I needed to at the church effectively and the cost of childcare for the girls was really making my total income from that job basically non-existent! Then once the semester ended for my friend, I dropped the 3-11 shift. It seemed somewhat¬†manageable although I had missed a lot with PTA.

Then just as we thought we might have it figured out, dad got sick and it was a 4 month roller coaster, but dad is A-okay now!

So you can probably see why work on our house and blogging for personal reasons fell by the wayside!

So this is not an exciting post, no pretty visuals, but a status update. Hope you all are well! I will eventually get back here!

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello all!¬† What a couple of weeks we have had!¬† To say things got really overwhelming would be a huge understatement!¬† Nothing in the last week before our move went as I had hoped!¬† I thought I would pack that last week while Justin finished up the little things at the new place, but there were a lot of jobs that required two people.¬†¬†¬† That meant I didn’t really pack .¬†¬† So moving and unpacking has been a bear.¬† We’ve been here 1 week and only about half of our things have found a place!¬† I’m still overwhelmed!

We had to decide in the week before we moved what we needed to complete and what needed to wait.   Finishing priming and painting the last two rooms (the largest rooms) went to the top, painting the shelves from the inside of the kitchen cabinets came second (mom had painted the inside of the cabinets over the weekend),  cleaning the entire house came third.  I will have a post this week on the kitchen cabinets.

I really just wanted to say hi this morning and let you all know we are back up and running on blogging.¬† Thank you to all who have emailed, called and asked how we are doing and have said you are missing the posts!¬† I have missed blogging.¬† Unfortunately, blogging requires sitting down and I seem to not be doing much of that and when I do I fall asleep – yes with the computer in my lap ūüôā